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History of Chuseok gifts Updated: 2014-09-06 18:20:34 KST

Chuseok gifts still tend to be practical in nature, but were even more so in the 1950s, when the country was struggling from the aftermath of the Korean War.
Giving and receiving gifts was considered lavish at the time, and it was not until in the 1960s when it became more common for people to exchange daily necessities like sugar, soap or condiments as presents.
Then, when the country started to develop economically in the 1970s, so did the gift options.
Cooking oil, toothpaste, instant coffee sets, as well as cosmetics and female hosiery were among the favorites for parents and relatives, while some wealthier people chose to give television sets and rice cookers.
In the '80s, gift sets of fruit, meat and beauty products started to catch on.
In the '90s, it was gift vouchers that emerged as a more convenient option, while health-related products such as honey and ginseng also gained popularity.
With the coming of the 21st century, people's interests focused more on well-being, and they prepared fancier gifts like sets of olive oil, natural vinegar and electronic devices.
While gift giving for Chuseok has changed over decades, one thing is sure to stay the same: sharing in the holiday spirit by expressing gratitude to friends and families.
Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.
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