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Prime Talk: Dr. Jang Ji-hyang on Arab Spring: Three Years On Updated: 2014-01-21 19:55:10 KST

Prime Talk: Dr. Jang Ji-hyang on Arab Spring: Three Years On
It's been three years since the start of the Arab Spring ushered in revolts and the toppling of regimes.
But has the political chaos and even military coups brought about the intended democratic transformation?
On our News Indepth tonight, we look into the current situation unfolding in the Middle East from Egypt, to Syria and Iran with Dr. Jang Ji-hyang , Director of Middle East and North Africa Center at Asan Instistute for Policy Studies.
Thank you for joining us.

1. Let's start with unrest in Egypt.
Nearly three years after the fall of Mubarak, Egypt seems to have come full circle with the overwhelming backing of a new constitution. Is the country now in the clear or did the path to this point leave many scattered loose ends?

2. Now to Syria.
The much-delayed peace talks are set to be held in Switzerland to resolve the civil war. Will we see much progress in the talks that could ultimately bring an end to the war?

3. Another hot topic is Iran's nuclear deal which took effect starting today.
Iran has begun cutting back on uranium enrichment activities as part of this deal struck with six world powers. Do you think this deal with work in the long-run?

4. Nowadays, the term "Arab Spring" has an air of pessimism to it. But despite doubts, will we have something to celebrate when the fourth anniversary of Arab Spring comes around?

Thanks for your time tonight.

Great to be here.
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