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This Week in Movies Updated: 2008-01-11 12:00:00 KST

This Week in Movies
Now a look at what's playing in cinemas this week.
A true story about a journey to victory takes a women's handball team to the Athens Olympics.
And an animation-slash-romantic comedy places a fairytale princess on the streets of New York.
Finally, we have a new drama about investigators that's heating up the screen.
Shin Hae-Joo brings us more.
Based on true events during the 2004 Athens Olympics.
The movie dubbed ''The Best Moment of Our Lives'' tells the triumphant story of Korea's Olympic women's handball team.
Korea's leading actresses, Moon Sori and Kim JungEun come close to portraying the handball players on screen following two years of strenuous training.
At the time, the Korean women's handball team was underpaid and in dire need of members with experience.
Thus, the Olympic team turned to retired players to take part in a match against handball's stronghold, Denmark.
They won.
Selected as one of the most memorable matches of the Athens Olympics, you can look forward to the movie's highlight: the final games which cast real professional players from Denmark.

In the movie ''The Enchanted,'' Princess Giselle, played by Amy Adams is banished from her perfect home by an evil witch, and finds herself lost in modern day New York.
The man who comes to her aid is none other than a cynical divorce lawyer, played by Patrick Dempsey, better known as McDreamy on the U.S. hit medical series ''Grey's Anatomy .’’
The movie is a criss-cross of a classic romantic comedy and animation.
This makes scenes such as the appearance of a human Prince Edward with his animated squirrel partner in the middle of Times Square as he hunts for the banished princess less awkward.
The story comically portrays Adams' Giselle falling for the New York lawyer and Dempsey is equally enchanted by the innocent and charming princess.

Another local flick, ''Open City'', stars Kim Youngmin as an elite investigator whose mission is to crack down a network of pick-pockets linked to the Japanese mafia.
But a dangerous romance, sparked by helping Son Yaejin who plays the head of the crime organization complicate matters for the hot shot investigator.
The action packed movie is sure to attract couple fans likely to rave about the leading male and female casts.

Shin Haejoo, Arirang News.
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