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Two Korean Movies & A Hollywood Blockbuster Updated: 2007-12-17 12:00:00 KST

Two Korean Movies & A Hollywood Blockbuster
Time now for our weekly list of movies premiering in the cinemas.
Will Smith stars in a Hollywood blockbuster and a Korean romantic comedy shows new dimensions of two well-known actors.
Also on our list is a Korean-version of the ''American Pie'' trilogy.
Here is Lee Jeewon.
First is an action flick from Hollywood.
Will Smith plays the last human survivor of a terrible and incurable virus.
The manmade virus turns people into carnivores who exist only in the dark and devour or infect anyone or anything in their path.
He spends years scavenging for food and supplies and sends out radio messages in the hope of contacting other survivors.
The film is about his struggles to reverse the effects of the virus by using his own immune: blood.

The next movie is getting much media attention around the country.
The hype surrounding this romantic comedy is focused on how the lead actors are showing new sides to their on-screen personas.
Actress Kim Taehee, known for her doll-like appearance, stars as a tough and nagging wife.
Charismatic Seoul Kyeonggu plays her timid husband who unintentionally gets on her nerves all too often.
As illustrated by the title ''Venus and Mars,” the movie depicts differences in the way men and women think.

The last movie on our list is off-limits to under-aged viewers.
It's a sequel to the Korean version of Hollywood's ''American Pie.''
Multi-entertainer Lim Changjung stars as a college kid who is desperate to get intimate with his girlfriend of four years.

Lee Jeewon, Arirang News.
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