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This Week at the Box Office Updated: 2007-10-26 12:00:00 KST

This Week at the Box Office
Movies might be a good idea since rain is in the forecast this weekend.
It's a collection of dramas this week, a Korean mystery of a man in search for his memory, a German flick taking place in prison and concert stages and a quiet Japanese film on the bond between mother and son.
Kim Youngwon gives us a peek into the dramas.
What would you do if you thought someone was watching you 24-7?
In the new Korean mystery film ''M,'' popular writer Han Minwoo is in a jam as his new novel takes shape.
He suffers from sleep problems and feels the presence of invisible eyes.
Minwoo's strange behavior emerges after he meets Mimi, his first love from 11 years back and secret observer.
Putting his fiancee aside, Minwoo digs up his memory as he nears a crossroad whether to choose the woman of the present or past.

Next up at the box office, a film from Germany.
It's not often that European movies appeal to Koreans, but ''Vier Minuten'' or ''Four Minutes'' will keep local audiences glued to screens.
80-year-old pianist Miss Kruger has taught at a women's prison since the Nazis were in power.
Among her few willing students, one inmate brings a spark to the tired old instructor.
Violent by nature, Jenny also is extremely talented.
Though Miss Kruger frowns on Jenny's choice of music she shapes her up for concerts and a new attitude on life.
Writer-turned-director Chris Kraus's movie has won accolades for best picture, screenplay and acting.

And from Japan comes ''Tokyo Tower,'' about a man raised by his mother who abandons her no-good husband.
He strikes out to become an artist but finds himself just as shiftless as his father, with unpaid debts and no career.
His mother's cancer puts him back on track, as he returns to his mother and a job in the capital.
Women moviegoers will no doubt be swooning as the studly Joe Odagiri, aka ''Odajou'' stars.

Kim Youngwon, Arirang News.
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