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New Movies for 1st Week of October Updated: 2007-10-05 12:00:00 KST

New Movies for 1st Week of October
Time now to check on this week's new movies.
A Korean drama is sure to cater to those ready for a sad love story.
And there're also two Hollywood movies starring some big names.
Lee Jeewon has our preview.
'Tis the season to be sentimental.
A movie by well-known director Heo Jinho is just in time for those who want to shed a few tears over a love story amid the chilly wind hovering around the Korean peninsula.
The movie also stars two heavyweights namely Hwang Jeongmin and Im Soojeong
Youngsoo is a former club owner whose decadent lifestyle comes to a halt when his business goes bankrupt, his girlfriend leaves him and he begins to suffer from cirrhosis of the liver.
He goes to a countryside nursing home and falls in love with Eunhee, a long-time patient in the home.
But as the telling catchphrase of the movie, ''Love, the Brutal Happiness'' suggests their relationship is bound to enter a dark period.

Next up is a period drama out of Hollywood.
The film takes place in 17th century London when only men were allowed on stage and so male actors had to play female roles.
Ned Kynaston was the most famous and beautiful of all actors playing female parts.
But when the law changes, the door opens to aspiring actresses such as Maria played by Claire Danes.
Kynaston then has to compete with real women in playing female roles.

Last on our list is another Hollywood flick.
Scarlett Johansson plays Annie, a fresh out-of-college New Jersey girl, who's looking for a decent job.

''She's like a lot of young people who just graduated from college. She's not really sure what she wants and is, you know, kind of lost.''

After yet another failed job interview, she decides to work as a nanny for a boy of an upstate New York family.
The movie is loosely based on a best-selling novel of the same title.
But some critics say Johansson was miscast and one-dimensional characters make the satiric movie rather dull.

Lee Jeewon, Arirang News.
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