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This Week's Movie Premieres Updated: 2007-01-12 12:00:00 KST

This Week's Movie Premieres
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Curious about what's opening in theatres this week

First up is director Huh Inmoo's "Herb.”
The drama is about a young woman with the intelligence of a seven-year-old.
She lives with her mother, and celebrates her 20th birthday with a group of seven-year-olds.
It's about how the woman learns to communicate with the world.
Her life takes a turn after a policeman enters.

The science fiction thriller "Deja Vu" is the latest work from Hollywood action producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
Two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer star in the film, which deals with time travel.
Washington plays a federal agent looking for evidence in the bombing of a New Orleans ferry.
He ends up joining a special FBI team that uses time travel for investigation.
The movie's filming in New Orleans was postponed due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Next up is a joint production involving Korea, China and Japan.
It's called "A Battle of Wits."
Veteran Korean actor Ahn Sungki and Hong Kong star Andy Lau star in a film based on a Japanese comic.
A battle takes place during China's ancient Warring States period.
Ahn plays a commander of the Zhao Kingdom who is set to invade the nation of a warrior played by Lau.

"Blood Diamond" is about diamonds mined in war zones, and sold to finance the conflicts.
A South African mercenary and a Mende fisherman seek to recover a rare pink diamond that they believe can change their lives.

Son Heekyung, Arirang News.
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