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Arirang Surveys Popularity of Korean Celebrities Updated: 2006-12-27 12:00:00 KST

Arirang Surveys Popularity of Korean Celebrities
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We at Arirang just recently conducted a global survey on the popularity of Korean celebrities.
The survey in mid-December asked 775 people from 46 countries with whom they'd like to watch the first sunrise of the new year.
Topping the female chart were actresses Song Hyegyo and Kim Taehee, who tied at just over 20 percent.
Other leading ladies included Lee Youngae and Ha Jiwon .
In the male category, number ONE was the heartthrob singer-actor Rain grabbing 24 percent or 189 votes.
Trailing behind him were names like Jang Donggun, Lee Junki and Bae Yongjun .
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