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This Week's Movie Releases Updated: 2006-09-01 12:00:00 KST

This Week's Movie Releases
Time now to check on the week's new releases.
A Korean romance film and a Japanese sci-fi blockbuster are among what's showing at theaters in Korea.
But before we get to that there's the first Hollywood remake of a Korean movie.
Son Heekyung reports.

"The Lake House,” the Hollywood remake of the Korean film "Il Mare,” is getting a lot of hype with the casting of A-list stars, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.
It's their first reunion since starring in lead roles in the 1994 film, "Speed."
What's even more meaningful is that this is the first time; a domestic film has been remade by Hollywood.
The original plot has been slightly adapted in the remake to suit the tastes of Americans.
"The Lake House" portrays a young man who starts exchanging letters by mail with a female doctor.
Only she lives in the future, two years ahead in time.

Director Hong Sang-soo's "Woman on the Beach" is showing at 200 screens nationwide.
It's director Hong's seventh film.
The story is about a romance between two men and two women in their 30s on a vacation to a beach resort.
Actress Ko Hyun-jung shows different personas as an independent woman who freely expresses her emotions.
She plays a singer-songwriter who falls in love with a divorced director.

ACTRESS: "I have many things in common with the character I play in the film. I often swear a lot just like my character. Since this is my first film, I didn't have any special expectation. It was just fun to work with the director and other actors. I was just happy to see how a film is made."

Next is the Korean comedy "Like a Virgin,” which is aiming at filmgoers with a less-than-traditional subject, a chubby high-school dude who dreams of becoming a babe.
To adopt his new gender, he devotes his time to mimicking Madonna after school.
He desperately wants to get a gender change operation, but he hasn't got the money to cover the costs.
So, he enters a wrestling competition with a prize money of 5,000 U.S. dollars.

"The Sinking of Japan" is directed by Shinji Higuchi, one of the top special-effects masterminds in Japan.
The film is loosely based on a 1973 novel, and follows the horrible events that occur when it is revealed that the Japanese islands are sinking into the ocean.

It's not only big in scale, but is also full of special effects.
"The Sinking of Japan" has been receiving a lot of attention even before its release with its budget of nearly 20-million U.S. dollars.

Son Heekyung, Arirang News.
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