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Korean Film 'The Host' Surpasses 10 Million Viewer Mark Updated: 2006-08-16 12:00:00 KST

Korean Film 'The Host' Surpasses 10 Million Viewer Mark
There's a new record in Korean cinema.
The monster film "The Host" has stomped past the 10-million viewer mark, just three weeks after its release.
That's the fastest for a domestic film.
Son Hee-kyung tells us that at this rate; it could become the most-watched Korean film ever.

The monster film is taking on all comers.
Amid much anticipation, the Korean movie "The Host" about a monster in Seoul's Han River, has sold 10 million tickets just 21 days since its release, a record-blazing pace for a domestic film.
Director Bong Joon-ho's monster flick now ranks fourth in the country's all-time box office rankings.
It's also the fourth domestic film to attract more than 10 million moviegoers in Korea.
"The King and the Clown" stands on top of the rankings while "Taegukgi" holds second and "Silmido" third.

RECORDED: "500,000 people watched 'The Host' on August 15th alone, a national holiday. With more than 150,000 moviegoers heading to theaters nationwide the following day, 'The Host' has finally topped the 10-million viewer mark."

For many, the milestone did not come as a surprise, but rather was expected.

FILMGOER: "As a fan of director Bong Joon-ho's films, I'm more than thrilled that 'The Host' has attracted 10 million moviegoers. I believe 'The Host' is going to set yet another record."

FILMGOER: "People who have seen 'The Host' would agree that it deserves to break past 10 million viewers. It was easy to understand the message the director wanted to get across. After watching it, I was speechless."

The mutant emerging from the Han River in itself is eye-catching.
The monster takes a young girl captive, and her father goes all-out to get her back.
Critics say a key to the film's success is a solid storyline, and balanced performances by the cast.

MOVIE CRITIC: "Receiving recognition at the Cannes Film Festival in May piqued the curiosity of Korean moviegoers. Combined with the film's humanistic theme, using a monster was a good choice of subject matter."

Some point to the film's high-quality visual and sound effects as another factor behind its success.

FILM PRODUCER: "The Host' has been receiving a lot of attention, even before its release, recording high online ticket sales. That's why we increased the number of theaters screening the film. Viewers found that the film did live up to their expectations."

"Now the big question is will 'The Host' be Korea’s most-watched movie? Well, the film's distributor certainly thinks so.
Also many critics agree 'The Host' is likely to keep dominating theaters in the coming weeks backed by strong nationwide interest."

Son Hee-kyung, Arirang News.
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