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Info Plus- Drive in & Outdoor Cinemas Updated: 2006-05-29 12:00:00 KST

Info Plus- Drive in & Outdoor Cinemas
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Info Plus on Mondays deals with various leisure and recreational activities.
And tonight, we're turning our attention to some less-traditional venues where you can catch your favorite movies.
Sam Len joins me now.

SAM LEN, REPORTER: If you're looking for something different this weekend, enjoy watching movies, and have a car, how about checking out a drive-in theater?
And if you thought Seoul would be too crowded to hold a drive-in theaters?
Well, consider this.
In the capital city alone, there are five of them, including one located just a 10-minute drive from downtown.
There are another 16 drive-ins in Gyeonggi Province surrounding the capital, and six more elsewhere in Korea, and that number has been growing every year.
On weeknights, the price is just 15-thousand won per CAR, which is roughly 16 U.S. dollars.
So if you're going there with that special someone, or your whole family, it's a lot cheaper than paying 7 to 8 thousand won per person at an indoor cinema.
On weekends and on holidays, it's a bit more but still reasonable at 20-thousand won per car.

AHN CHAK-HEE, ANCHOR: So where exactly are these theaters located?

SAM LEN, REPORTER: If you live near downtown, just north of the Han River, or the Gangbuk area, the nearest drive-in can be found at the foot of Mount Namsan.
It's called EOE4.
This drive-in is located near the entrance to the only road that winds up to the top of Namsan.
Cinedream is another Seoul drive-in and it's located in the parking lot of the Dreamland amusement park in northern Seoul.
This one's a good bet if you live in the capital's northeastern suburbs.
The third drive-in north of the Han River is called Salgozi.
It's actually located along the Jungrang stream, which flows into the Han River.
Turning south of the Han River, to the area known as Gangnam, there's a large drive-in called Jamsil DIT, just a few minutes' drive from the main Olympic Stadium.
Jamsil DIT is the biggest drive-in anywhere in Seoul, with two separate screens, each showing a different movie.
Finally for Seoul, there's Karma 21.
It's close to the Yangjae subway station at the southern edge of Seoul, and this one's open all-year round.
Outside of Seoul, there are drive-ins in Paju, north of Seoul, and in Ansan, about an hour's drive southwest of the capital.
You can also find information at the following Web sites, for drive-ins located in Daegu, Daejeon and Gimhae, which is next to the southern port city of Busan.

AHN CHAK-HEE, ANCHOR: Now Sam, this summer, there are other outdoor locations that will be showing movies at night, yes?

SAM LEN, REPORTER: Indeed there are. And better yet, they're free. This July and August, the Seoul city government will erect huge movie screens, one at the City Hall Plaza downtown, and others along the banks of the Han River.
From July 21st to 22nd, and from August and fifth, the lawn in front of City Hall will show the recent remake of the classic movie "King Kong", and a number of Korean movies that have premiered just recently.
Among the Korean films is "Barefoot Gibong," a heart-warming film about a physically challenged man who runs a half-marathon to raise money for his village.
Other places to enjoy movies outdoors are Seoul Forest, which opened last year, and at Boramae Park, just south of Yeouido.
For more information on the outdoor parks and the schedules, visit the Seoul City government Web site.
Live music and dance performances are also part of the outdoor movie screenings.
Now a little tip for our viewers who plan to visit these parks, a lot of people are going to be there, so leave your cars at home and use public transportation.

AHN CHAK-HEE, ANCHOR: Alright, Sam. Thanks for that report. Let's turn now to Kim Young at the Weather Center to see if we'll be getting more of these rainy conditions tomorrow.
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