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School for Stuntperson and Action Movie Stars Updated: 2006-05-14 12:00:00 KST

School for Stuntperson and Action Movie Stars
When it comes to production of action flicks, most people think of Hong Kong, or Hollywood.
But as our Lee Jee-won tells us Korea may be the place to find trained stunt people, who are ready to roll.

Every weekday afternoon at one o'clock, the town of Paju to the north of Seoul is filled with the unlikely sounds of heavy grunting.
That's because the Seoul Action School, which trains aspiring stuntmen and actors, moved to this small city in Gyeonggi Province from the capital Seoul.
Training here begins with a forty-minute run outside the school building.
And that's just the beginning of the daily five-hour routine.
Once inside, the students kick, punch and jump in vain, to build up their physique.
Near the end of the six-month-long training, they will get to ride horses and go scuba diving as well.

LEE JEE-WON, REPORTER: "Nearly thirty students come here every day except the weekends, to realize their dream of one day, becoming an action movie star."

Advanced students, who already completed the course years ago, act out their choreographed moves upstairs.
Some, like Lim, are well on the way to achieving their dreams.

RECORDED: "Although I am already in the business, I am practicing for future action parts."

But of course, some applicants with over-the-top egos were eliminated during the first cut for this year's class.

RECORDED: "The ones who didn't make it either had unrealistic expectations from the school, or presumed that they will become movie stars right away."

The school's management has good reason to be selective about their roster.
That's because the faculty pay for the upkeep of the facility and all of the needed equipment, as students attend tuition-free.
Although it's not a profit-making organization, the management is willing to invest more into the school.
They are planning to install a film set within the building, by the end of 2006.

Lee Jee-won, Arirang News.
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