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  Updated : 2016-03-30 04:03:35 KST
24 key battlegrounds to impact result of Korea's parliamentary elections

24 key battlegrounds have been identified across the country, that are expected to swing the balance of the upcoming parliamentary elections.
In the 2012 elections, the winning margin in these races were less than 3-percent.
Although this time the ruling Saenuri Party has an advantage with a split opposition.
But there are still expected to be many similarly close finishes as well as several rematches between candidates.

The first notable rematch will be in the Seoul district of Seodaemun-B between the Saenuri's Chung Doo-un and The Minjoo Party's Kim Young-ho, who are going up against each other for the third election running.
Last time, Chung beat out Kim by just 625 votes, a difference of about 0-point-9 percent.

Another battle with less than a 1-percent margin was between The Minjoo Party's Park Hong-keun and the Saenuri Party's Kang Dong-ho in the Jungnang-B District.
Park beat Kang by 854 votes, and they will be facing off again this year.

A normally hotly contested district is Nowon B, where Kwon Yeong-jin and Woo Won-shik battled it out for alternating wins over three elections, with an average vote difference of just 3-point-2 percent.
Although we won't see the two battle agains this year, it is still expected to be a close race with a new Saenuri candidate, Hong Beom-sik.

In the 2012 elections, the Saenuri Party only won 152 seats out of 300, a majority by only two, so every race counts as the future majority of Korea's National Assembly hangs in the balance.
Kwon Jang-Ho Arirang News.
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