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  Updated : 2013-01-05 00:00:00 KST
Kim Yu-Na to Compete in Korea for the First Time in 7 Years
And SJ's standing by for the late night edition of World Sports. Hello!
[Reporter : SJ] Hey what's going on Sean!
It's a big weekend here in the nation, as Kim Yu-Na fans are set to see her compete in the nation for the 1st time in 7 years!
[Reporter : SJ] That's right Sean and there's been a lot of fans really looking forward to the event taking place at Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul.
The 23-year-old figure skater returns to Korea for competition at the Korea Figure Skating Championship which got started tonight and will run through Sunday.
Kim, meanwhile will be competing on Saturday and Sunday.
The winner of the whole thing earns a ticket to the World Championship in March.
Kim is set to perform "The Vampire Kiss" during the short program and "Les Miserables" for her free skating performance.

[Reporter : SJ
ed:scott] Moving on it's the January transfer window in football with many top names available in the market. And for Park Ji-sung he's still getting a ton of attention from China.
According to several sources China's Super League continues to show interest in the 32-year-old midfielder, who's currently playing for the Queens Park Rangers. Although, Park was just recently signed by QPR one unnamed team is willing to pay up to 4 million U.S. dollars per year with a large transfer fee for the South Korean. Despite him slowing down due to his knee injury he continues to gain attention worldwide.

[Reporter : SJ] And speaking of the January transfer window things are really heating up in the K-league Classic as well with many of the players moving from one team to another.
Now taking a look at some of the notable moves young star Lee Seung-ki moves out of the relegated Gwangju FC to play for the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the 2013 season. Kim Byung-ji the veteran goalkeeper goes from playing for Gyeongnam FC to playing for the Chunnam Dragons. But the biggest transfer is the 'North Korean Wayne Rooney' finally moving to the Suwon Samsung Bluewings after a stint with Cologne FC in Germany.

[Reporter : SJ] And finishing things off with some Friday night KBL action as we start off with the 2nd place Ulsan Mobie Phoebus taking on the LG Sakers. Let's take a look at the highlights!
1st quarter Mobis scores 12 points before LG scores their first point of the game but LG able to cut the deficit in the 2nd quarter to trail 31-27 after the 1st half. LG continues to rally in the 2nd half but Ricardo Ratliffe 17 points 21 boards too much for LG as Mobis holds on to take this game 66-61 your final score!
Elsewhere in the league Wonju Dongbu Promy taking on Goyang Orions Dongbu off to a great start scoring 27 points in the 1st quarter before taking 44-35 lead going into the 2nd half of the game. But the Orions trying to make a desperate comeback late in the 2nd half with Lee Seung-jun fouling out but Dongbu hangs on to win it 80-75 your final score!

[Reporter : SJ] And that wraps up the late night edition of World Sports. This has been SJ. Have a great weekend everyone!

[Reporter : SoA
eD:ScoTT] It's Saturday, January 5th here in Korea, and I'm Kwon Soa with the weather forecast. Today is "Sohan" here in the nation, and according to this solar division, today is supposed to be the peak of the cold. But thankfully it's not going to be! In fact things will gradually ease up over the weekend. Our skies are also going to change, meaning we'll have more cloudier conditions. Also, in the north central and some west coast regions we'll have some snow between Saturday morning and mid-day, but the amount shouldn't be all that significant. I bet what you're most curious about are the temperatures!

The morning will still be freezing, with Seoul starting off at minus-12, Daegu and Gwangju at minus-9 and minus-7 respectively. But with a high of minus-2 in the capital, it'll be much more bearable at the peak of the day. Busan even rises to plus-5.

Daejeon's low and high will be very far apart, Jeju and Dokdo should both range between 1 and 6, Mt. Geumgang also expects a warm-up.
Things should even get milder on Sunday, so enjoy!

For those watching from other parts of the world, here's the international weather.

Sunny, but cold are the keywords for Beijing again, Tokyo drops a couple of degrees on Saturday, but returns to milder conditions by Sunday, so take that in consideration for your weekend plans. New Delhi and Islamabad hit 16 degrees under abundant sunshine, similar skies in Bangkok, but of course still very hot.

Taking you down under to Perth where the mercury soars up by around 10 degrees, so don't be surprised. Sydney will be on the hot side too, less heat in Melbourne, but a look outside will make it seem similar, due to plentiful sunshine. Wellington should be pretty pleasant too.

If you've got outdoor plans in Vancouver, you might want to schedule them for Sunday, because occasional rain showers are in store on Saturday. While the sun will be covered by a fair amount of clouds in Chicago, much of the east of the U.S. looks to be exceptionally sunny. Mexico City has more showers in the picture.

Further south, Rio de Janeiro's unsettled weather should come to a standstill, whereas Sao Paulo has to deal with afternoon thunderstorms. These are also expected to visit Buenos Aires this Saturday. No change in the blinding sunshine in Santiago.

Lots of clouds are going to cover the skies in Europe. Moscow will be mainly cloudy, Berlin too, along with light rain. London and Paris should be overcast, however down south you can enjoy gorgeous sunshine and mild readings, such as in Rome and Madrid.

A couple of rainshowers are in the forecast for Africa, including Tripoli and Cairo. But Cairo can anticipate lots of sun in the latter half of the day. That's the weather for now, in whatever part of the world you are, have a lovely weekend!
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