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2014-07-22 2014 Arirang Harmony

2014 Arirang Harmony

Event name2014 Arirang Harmony
Contest ThemeArirang TV's project "Arirang Harmony with the World" based on the Korean folk song "Arirang," an intangible cultural asset included in the UNESCO list
Contenders must perform the song in their own style using distributed sheet music and melody

-Include a short self-introduction at the beginning of your video clip and submit a written self-introductory letter
Who can apply- Anyone regardless of nationality and age
- As individual performers, groups, or both
Date- Period: July 21-August 22, 2014
- Winner announcement: September 8, 2014
※ Schedule is subject to change
How to apply- Produce a video clip using distributed melody and sheet music, upload on your social media Web site, blog or YouTube, and send us the URL.

- File format: video file (HD camera, DSLR or mobile phone) filmed in the mov, avi,mpeg or wmv format
- Running time: Around two minutes

※ Your must submit your own video showing you as an individual performer or your group; you can sing or rap in English or in your native language.
※ Record using MR/AR earphones.
※ Set privacy settings for your video as "Public" to allow access.
※ If you want to perform a traditional instrument, include its brief introduction in the video.
Awards 1st place (one team): iPad Air
2nd place (one team): Samsung Digital Camera
3rd place (one team) : Beats by dr, dre Headphone
Participation Prize (10 teams): K-pop CD with autographs
(INFINITE, B1A4, Girl's Day and etc)

※ Outside of Korea shipping may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country. Additional fees for customs clearance must be paid by the recipient.
Criteria - Unique performing style and quality of performance
- Videos with clear picture and sound
- Original and interesting videos
Points to remember - Videos with sexually explicit and immoral content will be deleted without prior notice and explanation.
- All copyrights for submitted videos belong to Arirang TV.
- Arirang TV reserves the right to use submitted videos in its programs.
- Submitted videos can be used for promotional purposes in Korea and abroad on/offline.
TEL:02-3475-5236 /
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