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2014-07-15 Arirang is recruiting professional overseas monitoring crews

Arirang is recruiting professional overseas monitoring crews whose main roles are to comment on Arirang TV / Radio programs.

1. Requirements / Qualifications:

○ People who are interested in Arirang Programs
○ Native English Speakers or those who have equivalent commands of English living
    in abroad.

2. Documents Required:

○ Resume (including detailed information such as countries of residence, education
    background, and work experiences, etc.)

3. Deadline:

○ open

4. Contact Information:

○ E-mail :

5. Note:

Your opinions will be accepted as guidelines to amend or develop Arirang programs. As a professional monitoring crew, $300-$500 per month will be sent to you as a compensation.
- Number of monitoring program to send : 5 times a week
- A day of the week for monitoring will be given by us.

No Title Date Hit
25 2014 아리랑라디오 청취행태조사용역 업체선정 결과 발표 2014-10-22 208
24 2014년 고정자산(커피숍) 사용허가 입찰 결과 발표 2014-10-22 204
23 [공고] 아리랑국제방송 방송장비 구입 2차 2014-10-08 629
22 [공고] 2014 아리랑라디오 청취행태조사 용역 업체선정 2014-10-07 271
21 [공고] 2014년 미국 채널 대행 사업 입찰 취소 2014-10-06 1898
20 2014 Hello, Gugak! Concert 2014-10-01 2402
19 Take part in our Arirang TV Survey to win exciting prizes! 2014-09-17 1867
18 Arirang Radio’s 11th Anniversary Special Event 2014-08-25 3195
17 "Find Adrien Lee!'' on Arirang TV 2014-08-22 2114
16 2014 KOREA DRAMA FESTIVAL 2014-07-31 4289
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