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SUN, 2015-11-29 KST

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2014-03-24 Arirang Radio's Spring Line-up!

Introducing some new faces for Arirang Radio’s Spring 2014 season

The new season begins March 31st, 2014



Start your mornings off right with Edwin Ro at 9am! Take a trip around Korea with the latest updates and tips for traveling Korea,  everyday on Travel BUG


1Kyne of K-hip hop sensation ELECTROBOYZ’ is taking over from 4 to 6pm on SUPER KPOP!!! Get a wide variety of K-pop and K-entertainment updates everyday from 4-6pm!


Join sexy Dancing Queen and 천상지희’s (CSJH’s) Stephanie for her unique style of honest and straight forward K-pop news! Check her out every night from 8 to 10pm!

Hello Gugak!

Hello Gugak! Every morning from 6 to 7am, host AHN Jae-woo introduces the beautiful sounds of traditional Korean music.

Don’t miss out on Arirang Radio’s new spring line-up beginning March 31st!!

No Title Date Hit
189 [채용공고] 보도제작 팀장급 2015-11-25 252
188 [채용공고] 청년인턴(회계직) 모집 2015-11-24 317
187 [방송기술직(제주연주소 근무)] 최종 합격자 발표 및 근무 안내 2015-11-23 220
186 [채용공고] 보도기자 신입 2015-11-18 1440
185 [입찰 공고] 아리랑국제방송 인력파견업체 선정 2015-11-17 662
184 [방송기술(제주근무)] 서류전형 합격자 발표 및 실무면접 안내 2015-11-16 655
183 [입찰공고] 아리랑TV 프로그램 외주 제작업체 공모 2015-11-13 534
182 [체험형 청년인턴(회계직)] 서류전형 합격자 안내 2015-11-12 392
181 웹퍼블리셔(육아휴직대체인력) 채용 2015-11-12 1308
180 [채용공고] 보도제작 (팀장급) 2015-11-09 714
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