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Organization. Phone Number
Department Job Tel Help
General Inspection Work
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Policy Planning
& Budget Team
Media Promotion
International Cooperation
Establishment and Adjustment of Budget Compilation Basic Plan
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Innovation Team
Establishment of Medium and Long-term Strategies
Evaluation of Performance Results
Business Innovation
Company Social Responsibility Management
Customer Satisfaction
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TV & Radio Programming Center
Planning and Operation of TV Scheduling
Subcontract production/Reproduction
Sales of Programs and Purchase of Televising Rights
Operation of CG Office
Planning and Operation of Radio Scheduling
Production of Radio Programs
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Digital Contents Team
Planning/Operation of Digital Media Business
Production/Management of Digital Contents
Development/Operation of Digital Media System
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TV Production Center
Production of Programs
Program Production Cost Claim
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Current Affairs
& News Center
Planning, Administration and Production Cost Implementation and Management
Production of News Program
Production of Current Event Programs
Video Coverage and Studio Camera Operation
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Technology Center
Technical Management
Radio Technology
Production Skills
News Skills
Editing Skills
Contents Production Support Projects
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Business Center
Media Marketing
Foreign Advertisement Agency
Event Projects
Video Production
Domestic Channel Marketing
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Network Team
Medium and long-term channel project strategies and promotion plans
Creation and management of foreign viewing environment
Maintenance and management of major strategic platforms
Lease and operation of satellite
Research on media effect rate
Broadcast exchange
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Support Center
General Affairs
Human Resources
Education and Training
Emergency Planning
Disaster and Safety Management
Financial Accounting
Property Management
Management of Program Production Cost Implementation
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