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Founded by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, Arirang Radio, Korea's premier English-language radio station, takes a key role in promoting Korea's dynamic image, as well as offering resources on magnificent attractions that foreign tourists can enjoy.

Targeting both domestic and international listeners, Arirang Radio which not only provides useful information on real life, including life & culture, weather, traffic, trips and more, but also delivers up-to-the minute domestic and international news in a timely manner aims to help international listeners understand the development of Korean tourism through the recognition of Korean culture and arts and serve to spread the globalization of Korea.

With FM radio service available on Jeju Island and DMB service available in satellite and terrestrial formats nationwide, we have enlarged our programs with international news and current affairs, striving to constantly improve our programming to further satisfy listeners' requests.

Arirang Radio is committed to strengthening our country's competitive power in the ever-competitive media market and working for Korean citizens to lead the world.

2002. 12. 13
Arirang receives FM broadcasting license

2003. 09. 01
Arirang FM broadcasting is launched (18hrs)

2003. 10. 01
Arirang FM extends its broadcasting (22hrs)

2005. 09. 01
2005. 09. 01 Satellite digital multimedia broadcasting launches (Channel 43)

2005. 12. 01
Terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting launches

2006. 06.27
Astra re-transmits Arirang TV in Western Europe

2006. 09.01
Internet broadcasting service "Arirang Cast" begins